Out of the ashes rises the Phoenix......... that sums up how it all began. From losing a job in the early '90's for not knowing how to use a computer, to buying my first Macintosh, then joining the local Macintosh Users Group “AMUG”. Since then I got involved in learning all I could about Apple and gave back in the form of serving on the AMUG Board of Directors. I was involved in the Swapfest, Mac repair, Mac College, and finally culminating in the Maclanta XPO.

It was obvious that I have a knack for Macs. I have honed my technical skills from countless hours of research, diagnostics and repair in-house and onsite. I have also developed a large client base over the last 15 years with one goal " give the client service beyond their expectation”. Call us today at 678-570-3010 or email info@mactechworks.com

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